Studio IKOON is fully equipped with Hensel flash equipment and light shapers (for photography) and Nanlite LED lighting equipment (for film and photography with continuous light).
When you rent the studio, you indicate whether you are going to shoot or film (or both of course!). We will then set up the flash and/or film light equipment for you. And the great thing is: you don’t pay anything extra for this, because you can use all lighting equipment at no extra cost and is therefore included in the rental rates.
What is ready for you?
Grote softbox studio

Hensel overhead softbox

Our pride is without a doubt the large Hensel overhead softbox of 1.40 x 5 meters (!) with 3000 w/s of Hensel flash power or (and that’s new!) 1000 watt LED light for your films, which with a remote control can be adjusted in terms of power. The softbox hangs on two motor-driven pulleys, making it fully adjustable in height and can be placed in almost any position imaginable.
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Hensel flash with parabolic softbox

A 500 w/s Hensel flash with parabolic softbox (the so-called Grand) with a diameter of 120 cm is also present. This flash is easy to position with a flexible tripod.

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Hensel flash with large stripbox

A 500 w/s Hensel flash with 180 x 30 cm stripbox softbox is available, including a removable grid. Very suitable for, for example, side lighting in portrait photography.
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2 x Nanlite Pavotubes (length 115cm)

These tubes, which are more than a meter long, allow you to set all the colors of the rainbow and are equipped with the latest technology in the field of RGBWW. You can add all conceivable beautiful light effects to your image.
Mix Panel studio

Nanlite RGBWW LED panel

If you want to add color effects or other special effects to your recordings, use the available and very flexibly adjustable LED panel that is ready for you. This Nanlite RGBWW-MixPanel can be used as a traditional multi-LED panel, but is also fully adjustable for all possible colorful and creative lighting effects.
Mix Panel studio

Nanlite spot

This versatile Nanlite spot projection adapter (with 500 watt LED lamp) can best be compared to a theater spot with which you can project a tight, round beam of light. In many colors thanks to the accompanying filters. And if you want to simulate sunlight entering through tree branches, for example, you can use gobos in many beautiful shapes.
video from Nanlite:

Mix Panel studio

Nanlite Parabolic Softbox

This deep, parabolic softbox with a diameter of 120cm, is ideal for lighting people during interviews or for fashion shoots, for example. Can be directly connected to the Nanlite 500 watt LED light.

Mix Panel studio


Manfrotto stands in all shapes and sizes are available in our studio. Including the new heavy steel stand that is height adjustable with a crank, can carry a load of up to 45 kilos and has wheels. Including super long boom (with counterweight).



A 24-inch 4K/retina screen is available in our studio, which you can connect to your own computer via HDMI or USB-C. The screen has very good color specifications and is therefore very colourfast.

Jiffy professional steamer

Jiffy professional clothes steamer

Use this professional clothing steamer, with a metal steam head, to quickly and safely remove all wrinkles from clothing prior to your shoot.

You want more?

Is there still missing equipment that you would like to use?
Let us know so that we can make a tailor-made offer, after which we arrange everything for you: we make sure it is ready.
And if you prefer, you can of course also bring your own equipment to our studio.
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If necessary, we are here to help you with the start-up in our studio: explanation about the equipment is standard. And if you want assistance during the entire shoot, that’s also possible; we like to inform you about this.

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