The people of Studio IKOON are happy to help you arrange all kinds of stuff for your shoot. Whether it concerns finding good models, extra (lighting) equipment or just that one attribute that you really want to use in your set (or the entire decor); we will search for you. We are happy to do that and thanks to our large network we can almost always find what you are missing.

Examples of services we offer include searching, arranging, coordinating (and, if necessary, having them made):

  • Props
  • Set pieces
  • Walls
  • Models
  • Additional lighting equipment
  • Recording equipment
  • Various colors of background rolls. View here which colors we offer.
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No question is too crazy. In fact, the bigger the challenge, the more we enjoy it. And of course we are super transparent about any additional costs, so that you will never be faced with any surprises. So call, app or send an email and we will use our large network to look for the best and most beautiful solution for you.

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